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Hello, it's me!


My name is Brittany and photography is-my-jam. Natural light photography is my happy place especially when I’m photographing really cool people.


Before I go ahead and talk about myself, I want to talk about you, my client. My clients love to have fun, we play, we laugh, we might even sing & dance..or at least I will. I may make small tweaks to positioning, but as a lifestyle photographer I’m obsessed with keeping things as natural as possible. I love capturing incredible moments and even those really little moments that carry all the feels. Now not everyone wants that from their photographer, so it’s important that we talk that out now.


Since we are talking about the experience I wanted you to know that the experience to me is just as important as the end photos and my mission is to have you leaving your session feeling on top of the world, that’s how serious I am about the experience!



I am quirky, loud and some would say my personality is a little extra. On the flip side I am also a home body and mildly introverted.

When Ron Burgandy said, “I’m a glass case of emotion,” in Anchorman he was probably referring to me. I feel ALL of the things, mine, yours, random persons.

I will break out in song & dance ANYWHERE! The grocery store in particular is my favourite place to show off my skill set.

I am incapable of smiling with any less than all of my teeth, I have passed this trait onto my children.

I love cleaning , I vacuum every’s a control thing I think.

Some of my favourite things in no particular order

- country music
- my people
- belly laughter
- The Royal family
- kindness
- wrestling
- frolicking in my garden

- sweatpants

- Sylvester Stallone

Well, that’s me in a nutshell! If I sound like the kind of Photographer you want to take your photo, I’d love to chat with you.

love & light



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