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Holiday Mini Sessions

In honour of this seemingly never-ending, flip floppy Saskatchewan winter I am posting some of my favourite images from my Holiday Mini Sessions.

These sessions took place in Moose Jaw & Regina and I welcomed some amazing families and their super sweet kids for a fun holiday inspired time.

The icing on the cake was the surprise pregnancy announcement by my friend Darcy....hello, way to make a girl cry!!!

Thank you to all of the amazing families who braved the cold and humoured me by taking my rock solid frozen baked goodies with you when you left!

FUN FACT - every winter there is a cougar sighting in Wakamow Valley in Moose Jaw and just my luck the cougar sighting was the day of my MJ sessions. I have a highly overactive imagination and of course scenarios began running through my mind, so I googled cougar safety tips and made sure to tell everyone as they arrived about the sighting. While I was waiting for my last family to arrive I heard a rustling in the bushes and saw a large "something" running towards me. So I did exactly what you are not supposed to do if you encounter a cougar...I threw whatever I was holding in my hands in the air and ran like hell while screaming hysterically! Then I heard laughter, I turned to see a couple laughing and pointing...turns out that "something" was their golden retriever. So I was not attacked by a cougar....only slightly embarrassed by a dog. What can you do?!

Love & light


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