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She's told she likes hockey

I shot Stephanie & Travis' wedding last summer, it was a DREAM! These two are super kind and gloriously attractive to match! I remember telling Stephanie to have 1000 babies after their wedding bahahah!!! So when she told me they were pregnant I literally did a very suave happy dance...I'm fairly cool like that.

Travis plays professional hockey abroad, so their sweet babe is sure to be born a hockey fan. In a few short weeks, their beautiful baby will be here and they will share their greatest adventure yet.

I told them it's totally fine if they name her Brittany, I am sure they are considering it! LOLOLOLOL

Love & light


I asked my girl Jesyka Chelle to do Stephanie's hair & make up for the shoot and we did a momma to be glamour session as well. Hello smokeshow!

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