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THIS FAMILY!!!! Banana - the dog, apples - the blossoms, burghers - the family. I LOVE them all so so much!

This is my husbands Auntie Debbie & Uncle John, their daughter - Keyanna & her fiance - Lawrence and the dog, that's Banana - she's the most gentle, sweet, intelligent dog, not to mention she is a service dog that they trained themselves. They're cool like that!

Debbie & John are the most incredible example of mad love, positivity and kindness. If you ever need sage advice on what series to watch next or what movie to see, go to Debbie & John! They love theater and music and art and all things outdoors. They love my kids, who make an appearance in this post. They love their family and their dogs and they are amazing friends. If you know them, you are better for it!

Keyanna & Lawrence are stunning and insanely adorable...I mean look at those smiles! Keyanna is a wildly talented musician, song-writer, actor, playwright, artist...I am missing many things I am sure. Lawrence....well as my husband said after first meeting him - Lawrence is "the tits!" He's British so he gets bonus points in my books, he's funny, has mad lighting skills and he proposed in Disneyland Paris, so he's forever awesome!

And how amazing is the backdrop?! Keyanna & Lawrence live(d) in a loft above a barn on an Orchard....jealous much?!

I'll stop being a fan girl now so you can stare at them in all of their glory :)

love & light


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