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I Will Comfort You When The Leafs Lose

This wedding holds a special place in my heart. I have known Kelsie her whole life....she is my baby sister after all.

These two are the perfect match! Kelsie can be messy...Dylan loves to clean. Dylan loves cars...Kelsie loves watching Dylan race cars. They both love to cook and bake and go for breakfast every Sunday and love the Leafs.

Their autumn wedding ceremony took place in the stunning Lakewood Park in Regina in front of a beautiful gazebo, surrounded by their closet friends and family and a few dozen ducks. It was officiated by our Aunt, there were some tears, a whole lot of laughter and whole lot of love.

I had the bride & groom all to myself so we took advantage and drove around Regina most of the day taking photos and laughing, talking about how hungry we were and throwing leaves in the air, it was really special to me to spend those moments during the happiest day of her life with them both. Seeing my baby sister find her person, buy their first home, get makes me feel really old...but it makes me really really happy while I feel old.

Take a peek at their wedding day.


Love & light


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