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How I Really Feel About Your Kids

You thought I was going to say something bad didn't you?!

In 175% honesty, kids are my favourite subjects to photograph! In a world filled with a lot of sad, scary shit - kids are LIGHT! Kids are a hoot!

At nearly every single family session I do, parents apologize profusely to me for their children. Parents - I have ZERO judgement! ZERO! The greatest thing about children is that they are full of curiosity and wonder. They find joy in the smallest things - a stick on the ground, party time! A big, freshly made bed to jump on, best day EVER! These are my absolute favourite moments to photograph, The real moments that document your family in the most authentic way. You know the ones that we think are anything but perfect...but in the end they really are just that...PERFECT!

Children don't lie, they rarely do exactly what we want them too and I am cool with that. Chances are, your kids are not going to sit still and smile for the camera the entire time exactly the way you envisioned. I know this from experience, I have kids - one minute they are happily playing, the next they break down in hysteria, they're kids!

I am a grown up with grown up responsibilities - a mortgage, a family, bills, etc. Spending time with your kids during our sessions is a reminder to me that life moves quickly and not to take myself too seriously...therapy anyone?! I get to pretend to be a superhero, make fart jokes, run and jump, sing silly songs and be care free....and its part of my job! How could I not love that?!

FUN FACT - If your child clips my socks together with a hanger while I am preoccupied taking photos, I will not be mad...I will think they are fantastic human beings! My friend, Glen tried this one on me recently, he and his cousins thought it was the greatest thing.

Scroll for some of my favourite photos of kids doing kid things.

Love & light


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