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Put 10 SK Photographers, insanely talented YQR vendors and 2 of the most jaw droppingly stunning couples together in White Butte Trails and magic will ensue ❤️

Payton & Torrey are so good's basically not even fair that they are together. They are also as sweet as pie, so you love them as soon as you meet them.

There were 8 million mosquitos, 10 super excited Photographers, ticks and an incredibly dirty public washroom and these two still rocked this shoot!

I also tried my first in camera double exposure, which is below...still working on flower placement ;p

The biggest thank you to Kenzie Tippe for coming up with the idea - she's super rad! If you don't already follow her, you probably should! And to all of the other talented boss lady Photographers who came out - you all ROCK!

Models Payton & Torrey


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