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I met Caitlin & Matt for coffee before their engagement was the hottest day I ever remember and we went for 42 degree weather. I am not sure what I was thinking...we probably should have met at the pool!

We went to Conner Park right outside of Moose Jaw for their session, this is where they first met, way back in elementary school on June 21, 2006. Caitlin has the uncanny ability to remember dates! Ask her what day she first ate pizza with Matt and she will know the answer! They started dating November 5, 2010 she told me without hesitation.

We took a ton of breaks...mostly because I have never sweat so much in my life...I was a beautiful sight lol. I got to know a lot about them since we had a ton of car AC time and wow are they fantastic people! I learned that Matt has had several brain surgeries and has some pretty incredible scars to show for it, he even shared videos and photos with me, this was fascinating! We laughed a lot!!

I can't wait for their 2019 wedding - hopefully several degrees cooler LOLOLOL

love & light


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