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I think every other day I say that this day is the coldest day of the year! The day we did Deidre & Alex's engagement photos was certainly one of those days! That Sask wind was in full force, but so was the love and hilarity during their session.

Deidre & Alex got engaged over Christmas after many years together with the most stunning ring...I'm not even sure what cut it is, but it is glorious!

These two make each other laugh a lot and I am just plain hilarious ( or at least I think so ;p ) so we had the best time. I threw a lot of prompts at them, some were ridiculous....draw hearts on each others cheeks with your noses....didn't go as well as I had planned, but it did make for hilarious photo outtakes!

They also got to witness me at my finest when I slipped on snow covered ice while walking backwards snapping away, did several full circles trying to catch my balance, holding my camera above my head and slid gracefully ( or not ) into a full split. They waited to see if I was ok before laughing at me...I really can't blame them. I can only imagine how I looked. Little do they know, ( now they will ), I also split my pants in this process, but I handled it like the true professional I am and said got a lot breezier for me after that :P

Split pants aside, I always have the best time taking their photos and am so happy that they are getting married!

love & light


The moment before I split my pants

My try at an artsy soft focus image

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