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This year I have been asked by many of my Photography community to do sessions for them...I am grateful, I am humbled, I am full of joy!

Cam & Courtney Liske make up the incredibly talented husband & wife team behind Courtney Liske Photography (after you read this, please go and show them some love). They are two of the sweetest, kindest and most supportive people in the Photography community and taking family photos for them was a FREAKING JOY to say the least!

Prepare for photo overload with this one! I loved this session so so much, there was belly laughter and there was dancing - oh boy was there dancing, and I'm not sure it gets much better than that. They humoured me and walked around the park chasing the light, laughing at my silly prompts, introducing me to their favourite soundtrack. When I decided a game of rock paper scissors was a great idea, all 5 of then came up with scissors...ADORABLE!

They gave me a card with the most insanely kind words of encouragement and support and I cried, happy tears though. This family is pure light and kindness. My heart is full knowing them, spending time with them and capturing these memories for them.

Please enjoy

love & light


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